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Here at Alpha One Medical Services we have everything needed to get you first aid in the local area in a hurry. No time to get to the doctor? Maybe you just didn’t have a first aid kit available? Our handy, helpful, and knowledgeable professionals can get you set up with suitable first aid no matter the injury. At Alpha One Medical Services, we welcome you in the most critical hours of need. Get in touch with us today through our booking form.

Our Staff

Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive, up-to-date first aid and emergency response training. Our staff are certified medical practitioners or first responder professionals, and they conduct our training sessions with the goal of helping you become more comfortable with administering first aid. We hand pick our staff based on qualifications and professionalism. Also, our equipment servicing team is also highly skilled and experienced with a wide variety of first aid tools, and will be able to advise you on whether you can rely on your first aid equipment or otherwise.

Get Trained

Not only do we provide top-class first aid services, we can also train you to be a good first aid specialist through a range of different courses and certifications. Our first aid training is offered at different times throughout the week, allowing you to fit it into a busy schedule. All of our tutors are experienced, certified, and committed to passing on these techniques in an engaging and reassuring manner. Our courses are focused on practical application so you can feel competent and confident in the event of an emergency.

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